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The project

In the light of twenty years of experience in the education sector, this project comes from the need to give more opportunity to our children and beyond. The experience abroad and the study of languages ​​has become an essential condition for entering the world of work and mobility.

The idea to create a virtual bridge that connects the Pirandello school of Cagliari with the reality of Berlin was born after having organized several educational trips to Berlin with our students from the school’s Cagliari headquarters.

The Pirandello Sprachschule Berlin, language courses, educational travel, cultural exchange,language holidays and much more were developed to create movement, exchange and dynamism. A movement that affects not only the students, but also those who travel for work or teachers who continue to invest in their own training. Discovering the world, the place where we were born, with curious eyes; continuing to grow and improve; encountering different cultures and studying new languages; learning while having fun and experimenting - these are the concepts that inspire our philosophy.

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